Sri Lankan SECDEF’S Phone Tapped.

I saw a news on a Sunday paper today defence secretary phone line is tapped by some organization. We’re in a time where we get news everyday about NSA spying. Some news saying NSA spies collection phone data even from countries like China.

Sri Lanka is also under heavy attention of USA the newspaper goes on to say that it’s suspected that a foreign embassy and a foreign secret service is involved in the attempt.

Wonder if it’s the NSA behind this as well. Who knows. Which goes to show that even the SEC DEF’S Phone can be hacked who are we be safe.

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Personally I Think It’s OK To Be Monitored Online.

Personally I think it’s OK to be monitored for national security but on the other hand doesn’t want the system to be used against me for political reasons. As govs and people in power are always corrupted I don’t want myself to be monitored online.

On the other hand as a a country that had a war for nearly 30 years and when these are people within the country that support terrorism and doing anti national propagandas online sometimes I feel it’s better if there a way to monitor their online activities as I’m sure there will be lots of evidence to gather against these
kinds of people online.

Me and some of my friends have come across facebook groups that are being used to provoke youngsters for revolutions like in 1971 ane 1989, facebook groups organizing protests. As social networks can be used to connect people there are people that use there platforms for the wrong reasons.

But like I said before as long as the political system is corrupt and there is a chance the system being used against people for personal and political reasons I’m against online monitoring like PRISM. But if there is such a day that online monitoring is being done only for national security I think I’ll support it.

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Facebook Allow To Attach Photos On Comments.

I’ve checked on to Facebook today via my mobile and when I opened a post by my friend bellow the comment text box was a link that said attach a photo.

When I clicked it it took me to am upload form that allowed me to select a picture and write a comment. When I posted the comment the photo appeared as comment.

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Disturbing News About Doctors.

Last night a friend messaged me to read Mawbima newspaper telling me that there’s a story that I must read. Because we didn’t buy Mawbima I asked her what’s it about. The news she told me was very disturbing.

According to the newspaper two Muslim doctors have been arrested at Peradeniya hospital by police under the suspicion that they have been giving Sinhala pregnant mothers some sort of injection that makes them infertile.

A very disturbing news for me both as a to be doctor and a Sinhalese person. The news comes in a time of increasing tension between Muslim and Sinhalese people. Few weeks back a container was arrested at Colombo harbour that contained illegal drugs used to abort pregnant mothers. That too being imported by a Muslim businessman.

Sri Lankan people unlike in other countries has a huge respect towards doctors. They allow us to examin them and do whatever we want to do on them without asking any questions. The truth is patient has a right to know what we’re doing on them and has the power to stop it. Doctors can’t even touch a person without the patient’s proper consent.

Let’s say if a doctor is giving a drug to a patient then they should explain why they’re giving the drug. The indications to give the drug and adverse effects of the drug and only if the patient agrees to take the drug they can give it to them, same applies for an examination and investigation done on a patient.

So people use that right whenever you’re going to a doctor. You have the right to say no to what a doctor is doing on you.

Going back to the other side of the story no doubt that this will further increase the tension between Muslims and Sinhala people. Not everyone is a racist but these are people that have extremist ideas on both sides. So it’s better to stay safe before it’s too late. I personally know so many Muslim doctors and consultants that are good. But like my mom said when she heard this story it’s better to visit a doctor that you’ve known for years and avoid visiting doctors who are not Sinhala that you don’t know. Just to be safe at least until things get clear in what actually happened.

And why aren’t this people who rally for unity won’t rally for things like this as this itself is not going to help to unite the country. I feel all they’re doing is blow the trumpet of the people who actually spend money on them the NGOS or else why rally only against A Bhuddist organization that actually speak against these kinds of events?

This is a very bad for our profession as doctors which has already gotten enough bad reputation among people because of unfortunate events that happened in the past.

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Even I Don’t Know What The Heck I’m Doing.

`So ruky, wanted to ask u, do
u find it hard to concentrate
on the uni stuff and IT at the
same time? That might help me.`

This is a question I got from a friend of mine who’s going to start medicine in near future, who is equally interested in computing like I am.

Well, to be honest I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing. In my medical college I’m the only one who is interested in computing like this. When they’re on vacation they study, while I spend my time learning something new in computing. I spend time on hacker news as much as I spend my time in my medicine books. When my friends only read medicine and nothing else.

Most of the time it frightens me, the fact that I’ll ruin at both medicine in being a doctor and suck in computing. Specially when I look at my friends who’re spending their time on learning medicine.

But then again learning programing and stuff about computing is more than a hobby for me. It’s like way to take my mind away from static medicine with cramping books to learning and doing something new that’s more innovating.

That being said the future of doing medicine is not as easy as it’s now. Our lecturers all time say being just a doctor will not be enough. As the number of doctors of the country increase every year, the only way to be ahead of the rest of them is to do some postgraduate stuff and be a specialised doctor of some field. So although computers and medicine might seem like am unusual match today but might be helpful in future. You never know.

Another thing is the fact that not so distant in the future they are going to start medical engineering courses in the country. Although it has existed in the world for so long medical engineering has been there in other countries for a long time. What medical engineering basically is that you’ll do medicine in a medical faculty like ours and do engineering at a faculty like Moratuwa at the same time. So when they pass out they know both medicine and engineering. I know this cause our medical faculty was selected as the medical faculty to do medical engineering but the opportunity was given to Colombo because colombo is more closer to Moratuwa where the students will learn engineering.

So who knows just having a medical degree won’t just be enough in the future. So I’d say if you think you can do both just do it. Nothing you learn will go in vein.

I know all this things I’ve said above is not enough for anyone to stop going in the well run path of a doctor and concentrate on two things at once. I’m not doing splendidly well at medical college I’m also not bad at it either looking at the performance of students who do only medicine. But, it’s just my view of things. I might definitely be wrong. Who knows?

I’m happy the fact that my parents always encourage me to do both. They always tell me why not do both. When it comes my friends most of them don’t know that I’d doing both. I just keep it under the radar, cause I know most of them will think I’m seriously out of my mind.

At the end of the day I hope that what Steve Jobs once said will be right. That you have to believe in what you’re doing today. That no matter how unusual things may look like today, someday in future the dots will connect and everything will fall into place. You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.

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If We All Thought We Had Enough.

I recently read how Mailbox was bought by DropBox for 100m within 3 months from launch. A simple mobile email client that helps to keep your email organized. While the same time we see so many “new” things going down the drain without being successfull.

I think most of have this feeling that we already have enough of what we got. And that sometimes will make us stop thinking out of box.

If people thought they had enough with Yahoo we’ll still be using Yahoo. There won’t be anything like Google. If people thought we had enough when we had the first mobile phones there won’t be anything like an iPhone any smart phones that we’re using today.

It doesn’t have to be something big like what I said above. For example no matter how good our smart phone is it takes some time to get fully charged. And when it comes to mine it takes nearly an hour. How many of us think what if there is a way if we can charge this phone within few minutes or half a minute? We are quite contempt with our phone charging within an hour although we time and time again leave our phone half charged because it took too long and you are late for work?

That’s exactly what a 18 or 20 something has found. A way to charge the mobile phone within few seconds. And in near future our mobile phones will charge within few minutes or even seconds.

Another biggest thing that has happened is the first transplantation of a 3D printed respiratory tract. Which is one huge leap forward in medicine that I’m pretty excited about as a med student. What if doctors thought the medicine we had today is enough today we would have never seen this happening.

One doesn’t need to have big a idea to get successfull. There are problems to be solved right where you are now. But fail to see it as a problem because we are contempt with the way it is. We’re all guilty of it, including me. So always think is there a better way to than what we already have. If we all thought we had enough the world won’t be a place as we see it today. Cheers.

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Have A Nice Day.

There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living.

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Keep Calm And Tumblr On.

I was really thinking seriously about what to do when Tumblr was bought by Yahoo whether to switch to some other blogging platform. What if Yahoo screw up Tumblr? What if they keep putting ads on the blogs or won’t keep developing? What if they start charging for Tumblr features that we get for free?

So with all these thoughts I thought the most rational option is to give some time to see what will happen on Tumblr. There is no other platform that gives everything for free like Tumblr. Also yahoo is not the company that it used to be when Yahoo bought GeoCities in 1999. And now it’s run by a former Googler. So things might be different.

Also David Karp is still there and according to Marco, Tumblr’s 2nd employ who founded Instapaper said that because David is still in charge and Yahoo has said it won’t screw tumblr it’ll be good. That’s a positive sign.

But I still have doubts but I guess it’s better to wait more give more time to see what’ll happen. Because there is no better place to move out from Tumblr. And nothing has happened yet to panic.

Keep calm and Tumblr on, panic and freak out later.

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Yahoo can’t decide if it’s a media company or a tech company


Paul Graham’s take on the Yahoo!/Tumblr deal. I am rooting for a Yahoo! comeback but the point is made. Let’s hope Tumblr doesn’t go the way of Flickr.


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Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 billion is a big gamble by Marissa Mayer, the company’s recently-hired CEO. The microblogging site is a valuable asset, but media accounts of Mayer’s thinking suggest she hasn’t come to terms with Yahoo’s fundamental dysfunction: that it can’t decide whether it’s a media company or a technology company.Technology investor Paul Graham has written about his experience at Yahoo when the firm acquired his start-up in 1998. “One of the weirdest things about Yahoo when I went to work there was the way they insisted on calling themselves a media company,” he wrote. “The worst consequence of trying to be a media company was that they didn’t take programming seriously enough.”The most successful software companies, including Microsoft (in its prime), Google and Facebook, have focused obsessively on recruiting the best programmers. In contrast, even in its early days, Yahoo viewed content as a generic commodity to be packaged and resold to advertisers.That ambivalent attitude toward technology was one reason Yahoo lost its dominance of the search market early in the last decade. And it explains why Yahoo failed to capitalize on the early popularity of Flickr and, two sites Yahoo acquired in 2005 and has done little to improve since then. In all of these cases, Yahoo squandered an early lead as more nimble, programmer-focused companies built superior products.”Most technology companies eventually get taken over by suits and middle managers,” Graham wrote. “At Yahoo it felt as if they’d deliberately accelerated this process. The company felt prematurely old.”Hiring Mayer away from Google was supposed to rejuvenate the firm. Yahoo’s board hoped Mayer, a computer programmer who had been immersed in Google’s hacker-centric culture for more than a decade, could bring some of Google’s cultural strengths with her to Sunnyvale.But media reports of Mayer’s thinking about the Tumblr acquisition suggest that Yahoo’s culture may be rubbing off on Mayer more than vice versa. According to AllThingsD, which broke the news of the transaction over the weekend, Mayer became interested in Tumblr because it was “just the kind of property that Yahoo needed to make it both ‘cool’ and relevant to new consumers.”This is media company thinking. Media companies build brands by associating themselves with hot cultural trends. Because these trends are fickle, media companies can’t do much more than observe which way the crowd is moving and race to get in front of it.In contrast, technology firms build strong brands by creating technology that is objectively superior to other products on the market — for everyone. Google didn’t become the dominant search engine through strategic partnerships or savvy marketing. It did it by having better search results than its competitors. And while younger users switched to Google more quickly, Google has been gradually winning older users for its search engine as well.Tumblr’s current “cool” factor is a reflection of the fact that it’s the best product on the market for a certain style of blogging. If it can maintain that technological edge, it’s likely to continue growing. If it stagnates technologically, then its popularity will atrophy just like Flickr and says she will give founder David Karp autonomy to continue operating Tumblr as an independent entity. That’s probably wise, as it will avoid smothering the firm in Yahoo’s bureaucratic culture. If Yahoo simply provides Karp with resources and stays out of his way, the acquisition could prove a savvy investment.But that may be easier said than done. Part of Tumblr’s charm is its minimalist design and simple user interface. Yet part of Mayer’s argument for the acquisition is that Tumblr can benefit from integration into Yahoo’s personalization, search and advertising platforms. But it’s not clear that these changes will improve the experience for Tumblr users. And more importantly the integration process will be a major distraction for the firm’s engineers and management.The much bigger challenge would be to transform Yahoo itself into a company that takes technology seriously. In her news release announcing the merger, Mayer wrote that “Yahoo is the Internet’s original media network. Tumblr is the Internet’s fastest-growing media frenzy. Both companies are homes for brands.” Mayer’s vision of Yahoo as a media network and a “home for brands” suggests Yahoo won’t be producing great software products like Tumblr any time soon.

Go Home Yahoo. You Are Drunk.

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